Thursday, December 31, 2009

Handicap cars by Beni Bischof

I don't know what it is about it,
but i love it. It's like something
you'd dream after you saw a car chase
scene in an early james bond movie.


by Atelier Norisada Maeda
Dental clinic, house...and outdoor pool

Wood Textile by Elisa Strozyk

Wow, beautiful.
by Elisa Strozyk

Golger Eller

Haha...i love it

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Solar Glitter"

"Snowflake Solar Cells 100 Times More Efficient than Standard Solar Cells"

"The snowflake-like “solar glitter” uses 100 times less material to produce the same amount of electricity as today’s standard 6-inch square solar cells."
(whoa x 100)!
Solar gaining ground.

Looking for materials?

I feel so lame for not having seen this earlier.

J Mays on Design

Esquire: J Mays, What I've Learned

He's Ford's Vice President of Global Design (whoa) and Chief Creative Officer (double whoa). He is the guy behind the new beattle and audi tt. I'm all eyes.

pyrite chunk polyhedron necklace

pyrite, fool's gold

Hacking Material

I love it, product with no form.
Sugru, self hacking material.
Mold it, shape it, fix it, make it better...with Sugru.
I'm David Tsai and
I approve of this product,
am jealous I didn't come up with it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fido vs. SUV

"Man's best friend could be one of the environment's worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle."
-by Isabelle Toussaint and Jurgen Hecker

Couldn't it also be said that man is one of the environment's worst enemies?

I do like the fact that they mention how to mitigate it by using your pet dual purpose, like feed it scraps, or like Santa, using the reindeer to pull the sleigh. Very clever big guy.

Move more or the flower gets it!

Fitbit tracks and measures how active you are and correlates this information via a flower graphic. Move or the flower dies!

I love products/objects that gear us towards movement/activity, but find it sad that they have to.

Hair Cut?

Design by: Y&R Thailand
For: Glamour Education Institute
Via: World Famous Design Junkies

Banksy and climate change

too good

Monday, December 21, 2009

Technology to wean you off of Technology

If you haven't read "Born to Run", I highly recommend it.
Part of it examines/questions the whole basis of running shoes.
It explains how the foot is a dynamic and interactive system that
REQUIRES stress to work, and by wearing shoes, the cushioning
actually prohibits the foot's (feet's) natural ability to adjust
your stride for efficient movement.

Enter Vibram five finger shoes, originally designed for yachting, but has become the poster child for barefoot running.

Santa, can you send me a pair?

Human LCD

Ingenuity trumps Technology

Table & Tennis

by Ryan Vanderbilt

Multiuse furniture, love it.

Its tricky, too many functions and it becomes silly or doesn't do anything well.
This? I just really like or maybe, its just I like ping pong...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I think the biggest flaw of ALL disciplines is when they view themselves in such a narrow scope that it puts them independent of all other disciplines. And even worse, when they put themselves above all other disciplines without regard to them. Everything depends on everything else and cannot stand alone. Of course each has a critical value/role: business, art, design, marketing, sales, engineering, but the danger is in thinking that any one thing has the complete answer.

The value and power in design (or any discipline) occurs when this is realized and acted upon.

Everything has its strength,
Everything has its weaknesses,
Everything has its role,
Everything is interdependent.

OK, back to pretty pictures...

What is?

Words approximate,
experience IS.
It keeps pointing back to this for me.

Worth Magazine

How interesting, the magazine wants to forego subscriptions and be known as the 20 dollar magazine. Apparently exquisitely designed, I hope the content is also worth-y. I'll have to pick one up to see, and forego a few coffees.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

"U.S. to Capture Cow Farts to Save the Planet"

Hahaha...oh, you're serious?

Product Panic 09! by Bruce Sterling

"Everything about the way products are conceived, manufactured, and sold has been destabilized. I’d love to claim I’ve never seen anything like this, but since my wife is Yugoslavian, I can’t." - Bruce Sterling

The nature of all things is change.
Why should this be any different?
Difficult times make us reassess how we spend our time and energy.
Painful, but necessary.
Instead of freaking out,
we need to think and act more clearly.

Forget how to survive,
how do we Thrive?!!

All the talk of designers as problem solvers?
Designers solving for needs of society and culture?
Here's our Big chance.
I hope it proves we aren't just good talkers.

Times, they are a changin'...does design?

“Ten years ago, students were all designing shiny objects, and, ‘Oh, aren’t they fabulous?’” says Tom Gattis, chair of SCAD’s industrial-design department. “Now it’s about research and solving business problems. Students have to understand that their job as an industrial designer has changed.”

whole article

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poster that Watches You

Advertisement that watches you.
The poster CHANGES to either include your reaction as part of the poster,
CHANGES what is advertised, depending if you're are a man or woman!

design by Hamburg firm Jung von Matt
That's quite awesome.

the end of I.D. magazine

I remember first learning about industrial design and tearing through I.D. magazine. It was so fresh and interesting. However, once Chee Pearlman left the magazine, it seemed to slide in its content and quality, nonetheless, thank you I.D. magazine for all you've done.

I wonder what happens next.

Clever, clever my 8 legged friend

So this clever little guy/gal finds two 1/2 shell coconuts,
empties them out, then assembles them into this portable shelter.
Next is the solar panels for the flatscreen tv.

more text...

here's video!