Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just as I suspected

Design Thinking an article by Don Norman (via core77), the author of Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design.

What happened to ID? It seems to have been under identity crisis the last few years. In trying to explain and validate itself, it began jargon that further mystifies vs. clarifying what design is. By isolating components and parts and pieces, it served to explain what design is and at the same time kill it. The magic of design isn't an external thing, it's what that thing does, just as the magic of living thing, isn't the heart, or lungs or eyes. Those are all important and singularly amazing no doubt, however, the bigger point, the larger point, is in the living thing itself...it's freakin' alive! All those parts support it, but don't encapsulate it. All the components of design: idea, research, business, manufacturing, drawing, 3d models, renders, physical models, those things are each amazing, but what's really important, the BIG point of all that is in the "design" itself, the life it takes with and for people.